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React Rally 2020

A retro, all-access TV set style for a newly remote conference hosted by event veterans.

A logo and palette inspired by old PBS designs while leaving room for a widely celebrated deep sea mascot.

Preview of React Rally 2020 logo and colors
React Rally 2020 Twitter banner with squid coming out of an old TV
React Rally 2020 t-shirt design with stacked TVs and a squid
React Rally 2020 t-shirt design with stacked TVs and a squid

While React Rally is usually in-person each year, they were able to quickly adapt to the endless problems 2020 has thrown upon us all. The event’s team, which happens to be the same fine folks from React Conf, reached out looking for a visual identity to match their unique ambitions for the experience. The goal was to digitally create the feel of a public access TV set to communicate the schedule of the conference—cooking classes, yoga, and live music to go along with all the expected React talk.

We pitched two potential directions. One was very 80s, wordart-y, and surreal. The other one, which was chosen, was more inspired by old PBS designs and the comforting retro feel of old TVs and community center shows. The mascot needs to be recreated each year to match the updated theme and these TVs presented the perfect opportunity to display this famous creature in a memorable and exciting way.

Significant identity elements were created, such as the color, palette, avatar, social banners, hero illustration, and t-shirt design. From there, individual design assets were prepared so that the team could carry the theme through all other materials like slide decks, video covers, and speaker announcements. Folders were prepared to house individual furniture items and TVs to ensure ease of continued use.

We are grateful to have worked with the same team for so many years and be a small part of such a cool gathering.

Retro orange chair illustration
Illustrations of plants and a stand
Retro teal chair illustration


  • Retro
  • Logo
  • Mascot
  • Shirt designs
  • Social graphics
  • Illustrations