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React Conf

A bold identity for a familiar conference at a stunning location.

The iconic React atom lends itself well to a scene that will be memorable at the event: the sunset and a surprising lake in the desert.

Site design preview for the React Conf 2019 brand
Screenshot of the React Conf 2019 badge designs
Mockup of conference banners

We teamed up with the organizers of React Conf for a second year in a row to complete the branding, site design/development, swag, and graphic design for the event. From banners to t-shirts to speaker slide decks this was an all inclusive project for us.

It was important that the design commit to a darker color palette while also feeling warm and inviting and cohesive with the previous year’s mountain theme. We would be hard pressed to think of a more unique event location than Lake Las Vegas, and the visual design inspired by this was chosen after pitching five initial concepts.

The site needed to be as helpful as possible for attendees and consider the post-event experience, so a separate recap page was designed to avoid the site looking abandoned after the event.

Preview of a staff shirt design for React Conf 2018 with mountain scene
Event sticker preview for React Conf 2019
Mockup for a t-shirt design for React Conf 2018


  • Friendly
  • Inviting
  • Website
  • Sticker design
  • Logo
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Digital graphics
  • Swag