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Moon Highway

A curious and cute new brand indentity for the kindest tech teachers around.

What a dream to be told nothing is too weird and that there are no creative restrictions for a project. PLUS, getting to create little moon ecosystems–doesn’t get better than this.

Hero preview for Moon Highway with large illustrated moon
Homepage preview for Moon Highway
Subpage previews for Moon Highway
Illustrated class preview image with cute fruit slice moon monster
Illustrated class preview image with cute cup moon monster
Illustrated class preview image with cute pretzel moon monster

Eve and Alex from Moon Highway needed a new visual identity that better reflected their personalities and connected with their audience on a fun, personable (and weird!) level.

They had a strong existing logo, but lacked just the right color palette, typography, and supportive graphic elements to round out and enrich the brand identity experience. We went with colors inspired by the darkness of space and used unique textures to echo the grittiness of the moon’s surface.

Character design was a requirement going into the project, though there were no specifics beyond that. Where we landed fully leans into this no boundaries approach to the project. Should they be fruit? Sure! Vegetables? Sure! Random objects? Yes, definitely! Further, we didn’t see the point in creating delightful, odd moon monsters while giving them the same boring restrictions we have here on earth–on this moon, cactus can freely ski and wear beanies.

The design had to encompass the welcoming, friendly, and down-to-earth nature of the team since it’s what makes them so unique. As with many of our projects, it was crucial to balance fun and friendly without tipping into childish. Moon Highway is where adults come to learn to code from a team that makes it fun, digestible, and takes out all the intimidation.

We proudly built the site with Eleventy from Gatsby.

Blue cloud moon monster creature with umbrella
Illustrated onion skipping with a jump rope
Scuba diving pretzel moon monster creature
Blob moon monster creature waving flags
Cactus moon monster creature with windter hat
Rabbit moon monster creature with texture and rough edges
Twitter banner preview with cute yellow monster on dark purple background
Twitter banner preview with cute yellow monster on dark purple background
Assortment of tech teaching related icons on dark purple background


  • Illustrations
  • CMS Development
  • Iconography
  • Brand identity
  • Art direction
  • UI