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Manager Weeklies

A fun, tangible, guided notebook for managers by Plucky.

It was essential that the Manager Weeklies brand capture Jen’s personality–this product is her in notebook form!

Red doodle Manager Weekly notebook photo
Overhead shot of purple Manager Weeklies notebook on yellow background
Manager Weeklies notebook in use near computer
Manager Weeklies notebook in use near computer
Photo credits: Katy Murray

Manager Weeklies are a Plucky product by Jen Dary. Jen had created several working prototypes of these weekly guides for managers and came to us ready for it to officially come to life through design. We focused on a bold brand identity and layout that’s optimized for writing, doodling, and brainstorming. The visual direction pairs well with the content that is intuitive and transparent.

We were inspired by Plucky’s use of rough Sharpie writings to communicate on a personal level. Jen often publishes her Post-Its and writes personalized notes on outgoing packages. It’s brilliant, simple, and fun. Manager Weeklies needed to embody this. What we came up with is a large, versatile icon library that touches on many Plucky topics and arrow graphics that lean into the project’s main question: Did I move something forward today?

Graphic that asks 'Did I move something forward today?' in a rough font
Overview of project logos and submarks in brand colors
White logo and submark on red background

We loved being part of something that will undoubtedly provide so much confidence and calmness to professionals during a time that is especially unsteady, stressful, and often overwhelming for us all.

Good luck to Jen and all the Manager Weeklies folks cracking open their brand new notebooks to pair with their favorite doodling pens!

Roughly doodled icons in red
Roughly doodled icons in dark blue
Roughly doodled icons in purple
Roughly doodled icons in yellow
Graphic to announce a new blog post
Graphic to announce a new blog post
Graphic to announce a new blog post
Graphic to announce a new blog post
Preview of inner pages within design software before print


  • Illustrations
  • Iconography
  • Social graphics
  • Brand identity
  • Art direction
  • Print design