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Lincoln Loop Marketing

Over the past few years we have teamed up with Lincoln Loop for many of their marketing design needs, from holiday cards to custom conference swag. The most recent example here is the 2021 new year client postcards, staring milk as the sun.

There is endless potential while working within the space theme. We wanted to make items that stood out amongst a sea of swag at conferences and card designs that clients actually want to keep.

Illustration of an astronaut making a snow angel on the moon
Space illustration with a glass of milk as the sun and the planets as cookies
Illustration of half rocket blue print and half completed rocket in space
Illustration of earth from space with locaiton markers and a rocket launching
Illustration of many dials on a 2018 New Year's card

For several years we have had the pleasure of working with Lincoln Loop for many of their marketing design needs. Each holiday season they send existing clients a gift package, consisting of delightful treats and a custom card, wishing them well and inviting them to partner up again in the future.

Illustrtion of drawing tools
Illustration of astronaut head
Coloring book planet preview
Illustration of a space orbit around the Lincoln Loop circle logo
Illustrtion of Lincoln Loop logo in space with moon and stars
Photo of printed marketing materials
Printed moon stickers with Lincoln Loop logo
Photo of printed coloring books on conference table
Photo of rocket print inside a coloring book

As frequent conference goers the Lincoln Loop team is also often in need of swag, stickers, notebooks, custom slide decks, and promotional flyers. We even put together a custom coloring book to be distributed to kids (and adults!) at PyCon in 2017. The space theme has been a consistent and enjoyable constraint within most of these designs, but occasionally the team is looking to promote their own products as well.

Screenshot of custom slides for conference
Proof of a pocket notebook design with logo and orbit


  • Within brand
  • Space themes
  • Print design
  • Swag design
  • Lasting impression
  • Grab attention