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DjangoCon US

A comforting, versatile visual identity for one of the most welcoming tech events around.

We couldn’t choose between a sunrise or a sunset palette so the site changes the illustration with the time of day.

A preview of the DCUS 19 site header with a sunrise illustration
Color palette preview
Sunrise and sunset illustrations

We teamed up with the lovely organizers of DjangoCon US for a second year to tackle their brand identity and site development.

It was essential that the theme be based on the event location of San Diego, CA. Since this is the second year in this city we wanted to make sure the overall approach was different from last year’s very bright and playful (crab illustrations!) visuals. This location acts as a getaway to many attendees, with the warm weather and, most notably, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. We also addressed the problem around how awkward an event site can be after the event by creating a post-event landing page. This page will house an overview of how the event went through data, photos, videos, and more, allowing visitors and potential 2020 sponsors to get a feel for how things went.

In the end we went with a sunrise visual as the primary focus, which changes to a sunset when a user visits the website in the evening. With this design the decision to declare the sailboat as the official event emoji was a clear one ⛵️

Tote design mockup with sunset and boat illustration
Colorful, bright custom icon overview
T-shirt design mockup with sunset and sail boat scene
A photo of a party with logo overlay


  • Approachable
  • Inclusive
  • Fun
  • Welcoming
  • Based on location
  • Swag design
  • Social graphics
  • Custom icons
  • Summary page