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Girl Develop It Code & Coffee

In 2018 Girl Develop It teamed up with Capital One to bring their nation-wide Code & Coffee meetups to Capital One cafes. The initiative needed a logo and indentity, swag designs, a custom landing page, social media marketing graphics, print ads, and custom icons.

The meetups are warm, welcoming, and fun. It was crucial that the coding aspect not be intimidating; it's about friendships.

Preview of the Code and Coffee landing page design with a code symbols pattern
Preview of the Code and Coffee landing page design with a code symbols pattern
A look at the Code and Coffee project brand board with custom icons and color palette
Newspaper ad design, inviting people to join the Code and Coffee meetups in their area
Social media graphic example with join us text
Three different color options of the DjangoCon US 2018 text based logo

Girl Develop It reached out in need of branding for their latest collaboration with Capital One. In twelve cities where Capital One has cafes and there is a GDI chapter the organization is hosting their popular Code & Coffee meetups there. All marketing materials also needed to have a general version without the Capital One logo, so that GDI can promote these meetups in cities where there are no Capital One cafes in a consistent manner.

Having been to one of these meetups before we had a strong sense of the keywords this project should communicate for anyone unsure of what these are about: conversation, friendships, coffee, ideas, collaboration, work, coding, and networking. The custom icon set aided in capturing this without having to list them out in all the materials and the coding symbols allowed for fun patterns without being too obnoxious.

Among the more challenging parts of this project was figuring out how to make printed ads of each city without each one having unique information and long meetup links. After some consideration we pitched the idea of a project landing page, This page captures Capital One sponsored events only for now, with nation-wide Code & Coffee’s being added later. Postcards were designed to be kept within each cafe and all print and web marketing materials will point to a single URL for a more cohesive experience.

Promotional graphic for Code and Coffee events with photo and text overlay
Image of a GDI Code and Coffee event with the event logo as an overlay


  • Inviting feel
  • Within brand
  • Within Capital One guides
  • Capital One not contained
  • Versions without Capital One
  • Not overly coding
  • Not intimidating
  • Custom icons
  • Ad design
  • Print design
  • Swag design